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What parents say:

We have been a regular visitor to this hospital with our son for his treatment, diagnosis and subsequent treatment procedure for prevention and cure of our child.The salient feature of the hospital is that the pediatritian Dr.Lopa Dalal provides adequate time in discussion and counselling.
- C.K.Mishra , Anand.
The staff of Sangopan Hospital is very good in terms of behaviour, services and consulting. Whenever I approach personally or by telephonically, I get good response from them which is a plus point of the hospital.
- Vikrambhai Patel, Napad.
First time I came here with my son for his treatment related to digestion problem. Doctor not only cured my child but gave suggestions related to feeding and to take his care which was really very heart touching. The most important thing I like most about hospital is it's co-operative staff .
- Dr.Durgesh Nandini.
A treatment and consulting of Dr. Lopa Dalal is indeed a very good for our kids. We are a regular visitor of this hospital. In case of any health related problem of our kid we always prefer this hospital.
- Minaxiben, Karamsad.
We are well satisfied with treatment of a hospital. A key feature of a hospital is sometimes we call a doctor when we are out of station yet they have provide us very kind and useful support on phone. I would like to thank Dr.Lopa Dalal and all staff members of Sangopan Children Hospital.
- Manishaben.
My experience with Sangopan Hospital is very good. I have no single complaint about their treatment, consulting or hospital staff. A hsopital is very neat and clean and having very good facility.
- Panktiben