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OPD Services

A) Consultation
All types of diseases of children and treatment for sick children
Epilepsy / seizure consultation This is a common problem seen in children. Detailed assessment, EEG, emergency treatment and long term plans.
Diabetes in children and adolescents: Management of this lifelong disease, treatment of complications, insulin pump therapy and proper guidance to parents
High risk newborn follow up For babies, who are graduated from NICU. Close watch on development, early stimulation programs and enhancement of parental skills
B) Assessment and Counseling
Breast feeding support and promotion: best start of life for any child born on this earth. Support and scientific advice on lactation management by compassionate staff and doctor. Guidance & preparation during pregnancy for to be parents.
Detailed assessment of growth, development and intelligence: Detail assessment on these important aspects of a child during this initial years of life and remedies/therapies for any faltering.
Behavioural issues of children: Stubbornness, hyperactivity, thumb sucking, bed wetting, shyness, quarrel with sibs, repeated pains in various body parts, not listening to elders, aggressiveness- child and parental counseling for all such issues.
Educational issues of children: Hyperactivity, poor attention, not writing for age level, not ready to go to school, poor performance in school, incomplete school work.
Nutrition counseling: Diet and dietary habits are vital aspect of child’s life. The habits of food developed during these years go a long way in a person’s life.
Adolescent issues: Adolescent and parent counseling for various unique problems of this age.
C) Vaccination
Vaccination Vaccinations are given daily at Sangopan Children Hospital. Proper guidance regarding different vaccine preparations available in market are discussed here with parents. Vaccination of your child starts from birth onwards. If a shot of vaccine is missed for some reason, it can be given at earliest. Different vaccines may be given separately or together in one shot when available.
D) Investigation
• Hearing Assessment (BERA)
• Laboratory Facility For Blood & Urine Check Up.
• Digital X Ray Chest.
• ECG and 2-D Echo Screening
• Height, Weight, BMI
• Peak Flowmetry
• Pulmenary Functional Test
E) Health Check Up
• Health check up plan for children of 5 to 15 years of age.
F) Child Development Center
• For All children from newborns delay, high risk neonatal, autism, ADHD, coordination disoudus, specific learning disabilities etc.
• well equipped center with dedicated full time there pist's availability
• S.I. therapy development therapy

Indoor Services

Sangopan Children Hospital, the integrated healthcare facility for children, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technological equipments, provides superior healthcare and a comforting ambience.

A) PICU : Availability of doctor and skilled nursing staff round the clock / oxygen / multipara monitors / infusion pumps / nebulizer / portable EEG and echo machine.
B) NICU : Level 2 NICU care with warmers, double surface phototherapy units, oxygen, SpO2 monitors and digital weighing scale; where evidence based, developmentally supportive care is provided to sick newborns.
C) Room : The hospital has a play area for children, well ventilated indoor rooms (A/c and Non A/c) and clean water Facility.
D) Lab : At Sangopan Hospital, we have a well equipped Laboratory which contains major modern equipments.
E) Admin Panel
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